Deputy CEO of Allegra Finance

Financial operations Specialist ex-COB

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Administration des Entreprises, Evelyne Galiatsatos holds an advanced diploma in Accounting and Finance (DESCF) as well as a diploma from the SFAF. She specializes in former COB financial operations.

Evelyne Galiatsatos began her career working for the Premier Marché division of the French Securities and Exchange Commission (COB) where she oversaw various financial operations (capital increases, mergers, takeover bids, etc.), before moving to the Accounting Affairs Department in January 1994 where she was put in charge of the financial and accounting analysis of the stock market operations of companies listed on all markets.

Upon the creation of the Nouveau Marché in 1995, Evelyne Galiatsatos was appointed Head of the Nouveau Marché sector within the Operations and Financial Information Department (SOIF). There, she oversaw all of the admission files and financial operations of candidate and listed companies on the Nouveau Marché.

Evelyne Galiatsatos took part in the creation of Allegra Finance in 2006 in her capacity as Deputy CEO.